Greater Missionary Baptist Church Pastor & Members extends our heartfelt symphaty and prayers to the families, friends and community of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

About Us

Mission Statement

The Mission of Greater Missionary Baptist Church is to be a mission-minded, Christ-centered, Bible-believing, preaching, teaching, and evangelistic church as mandated by Jesus Christ in The Great Commission (Matthew 28: 18-20); And from this we will disarm the enemy by empowering God’s people evangelistically, educationally and economically to the glory of God.

Furthermore, our mission is to be a holistic & global ministry that ministers to the social, physical, mental and spiritual needs of the saints, our communities and the world.

Furthermore, our mission is to equip, train and educate each member for the purpose of becoming a disciple, participating in ministry and proclaiming the message (Gospel i.e. “Good News”).

Furthermore, our mission is to live out our faith each day of our lives, through working, witnessing, walking and worshipping our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, our mission is to live a spirit filled and righteous lives so that the world may see our good work and glorify our God.

Furthermore, our mission is to become faithful stewards of our time, talent, treasures and testimonies for the glory of God.

Our Vision

A Church without a vision will surely perish, and my prayer is that you will catch, support and work faithfully to fulfill the vision that the Lord has given me as Pastor of Greater Missionary Baptist Church. The first and foremost part of the vision is to fulfill the Great Commission as recorded in Matthew 28:18-20 and in Acts 1:8. The vision is for us:

To exalt the name of Jesus at all times

To equip the saints for ministry

To create ministries that will meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the family, the Church and the community

To strive for total membership involvement in worship services, Sunday School, Bible Studies and Tithes and Offerings, and other ministries in the Church

To financially support this church through Tithes and Offerings

To establish a five-to-six million dollar annual budget for the Church

To complete Phase III of our building program within a year and a half

To purchase at least 10+ more acres of land for the building of a Family Life Center and a new 3,500 seating capacity worship center

To have a locally, state-wide and nationally televised program

To start at least 3 home mission churches and 2 foreign mission churches

To build a foreign mission school

To establish a child development center and a senior-citizens daycare center

To have no less than 75 full-time staff members

To establish a scholarship fund for all graduating seniors

To provide shelter, food, clothing and counseling for the homeless, the substance abuser, the abused spouse and pregnant teens

To establish a summer youth work program and establish a job placement program for adults.

Let us remember that the Lord rewards faithfulness, and if we remain faithful to the vision, no good thing will the Lord withhold from us. My prayer is that through hard work and dedication, this vision will become a reality within the next fifteen (15) years. The Vision has been given; let us make it happen in Jesus Name, for we know that with God all things are possible.

Rev. Willie J. Freeman, Senior Pastor

Our History

The vision of Pastor Kim Allen and the members of the Little West Fork Baptist Church saw a need to reach people for Christ and a special need to reach the African American Community. After much prayer and thoughtful consideration, Little West Fork Baptist Church agreed to use “The Old Church Building” to start a mission. The Old Church Building was in need of much work. Pastor Kim Allen contacted Brother Willie J. Freeman about working with the Mission. After several meetings and much prayer, Brother Willie J. Freeman, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, agreed to take on the responsibility of giving leadership to the new mission work. On the 10th of May 1993, during the morning worship service at Little West Fork Baptist Church, it was voted and agreed upon to call Brother Willie J. Freeman as Mission Pastor. Pastor Freeman was led by the Holy Spirit to name the Mission “Greater Missionary Baptist Mission”. After much hard work, the old church building was ready for worship.

On the 5th of September 1993 at 11:00 am, Greater Missionary Baptist Mission held its first service. We had a grand total of three people present during worship service. The first members to join were Sister Jean Lyle, by Christian Experience; Sis Vanessa Lyle, by Baptism and Sis Annie Bonds by letter. Since our first worship service, the Mission has experienced tremendous growth, both spiritually and numerically. As the Mission continued to grow, a search began to purchase land. We thank God for Brother Lewis Dorris, who agreed to sell approximately four acres of land located on Ringgold Road. With the help of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, the land was purchased. On the 25th of June 1995, Greater Missionary Baptist Mission was constituted as a Baptist Church by Little West Fork Baptist Church. The Ground breaking service was held on the same day at 2 pm; Greater Missionary Baptist Church was constituted with 230 Charter Members. Since the constitution of the Church we have moved into our present place of worship and have gained over 4500 new members and Baptized over 1000 people.

On May 11th 1997, the members of Greater Missionary Baptist Church, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, Little West Fork Baptist Church, Cumberland Baptist Association, Clarksville Mayor Don Trotter and many other community supporters, marched from the “Old Church Building” to the “New One”. The past twenty years have been extremely successful for the Greater Missionary Baptist Church Family. The continual growth in numbers and spirituality demonstrates the power of the Holy Spirit in the Church. With over 45 separate ministries, the needs of the Clarksville community and the Church members are being met. To further acknowledge our success, Greater Missionary has received the Baptismal Achievement Record, ranking 14th in the state, along with awards from the Tennessee Baptist Convention and the Evangelism Strategies Team. As of 2009, has ordained 14 Ministers, ordained 21 Deacons, licensed 32 Ministers and started 5 mission churches. In October 2000, Greater Missionary began construction on Phase II of our building program, the Christian Education and Child Development Center at the cost of over $700,000.00. Phase II consists of 12 classrooms, 2 toddler and children’s rooms, finance room, fellowship hall and kitchen. Broady Construction Company completed the building in July 2001. Phase III Part A $2,450,000 building program was started in February 2009 at a cost of $2,450,000 consisted of building a 12,000 sq ft Little Visionary Daycare Center which is presently closed and in the process of being repurposed, and redesigning our parking lot was done by RCR Builders of Nashville, TN and completed in December 2010. We moved into our state of the art daycare facility in January 2011. The facility was dedicated on the 4th Sunday, May 22, 2011@ 2:00pm. In July 2011 our GMBC Prayer Garden was established as a peaceful place to pray and meditate. Phase III Part B the GMBC Family & Community Life Center will begin in the near future.

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