Greater Missionary Baptist Church Pastor & Members extends our heartfelt symphaty and prayers to the families, friends and community of the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.


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See below a plan for reading the entire Bible every year! You can click the document icon above to download and print a copy of the plan for your personal records, or simply view the plan on our site below.

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The evangelism ministry is a mobile ministry that received its mandate from Matthew 28:18-20. The central theme of the evangelism ministry is “Until He Comes, Go” as the ministry participate in and cooperate with what God is graciously doing redemptively on the earth. Evangelism is communication of the Good News of salvation in the power of the Holy Spirit so that people have a vivid opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and become responsible and productive members of God’s church.


Until He Comes, Go


To employ the most strategic and God-ordained methods of the Bible that will lead to the conversation of those who are disconnected from Christ and un-churched which will in turn expand Christian influence among Non-Christians with emphasis geared toward a lifestyle relationship that will bring the kingdom of God into existence in our daily lives.


Our mission is to take the gospel to the streets with an (8) eightfold purpose: 1) energizing the people with the message, 2) engulfing the people with the mission, 3) employing the people in ministry, 4) equipping the people to be messengers, 5) encouraging the people to be models, 6) expanding the teachings of the Messiah, 7) endorse the complete multiplication, and to 8) emulate Christ’s methods as we strive to reproduce ourselves in others.


Just as fire exist by burning, churches exist by evangelism and where there is no evangelism there is no church growth; therefore, the goal of the ministry is to confirm Christ’s significance as the Son of God by stirring up boldness and bringing people into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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